Welcome to my cel gallery! Like many of you, I planned to only buy about 2-3 nice cels and that would be it. You all know what happened next.

I mainly collect Ranma 1/2 cels because it was the first anime/manga I really got into. Luckily Ranma cels are plentiful (7 seasons! 11 OAVs! 3 Movies!) and not as expensive as some other series out there.

I used to collect other series, but I find now it's too pricey to be spread out so thin. So the only other cels I keep an eye out for now are Madoka Ayukawa cels from Kimagure Orange Road. Although if I run across a nice Laputa cel at a nice price, there's no way I'm going to walk away. =P

News & Updates

10/28/2014Re-organized my Ranma cels since 44 in one section was getting a bit unwieldy. 
Also moved the OP/ED cels to the beginning of the section because they are generally the best Ranma cels I have! =)

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Title Last Updated
Golden Boy (1) 6/19/2011
I Can Hear the Sea (1) 1/26/2003
InuYasha (1) 6/1/2011
Kimagure Orange Road (7) 1/29/2012
Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1) 9/14/2002
Marmalade Boy (2) 9/21/2002
Neon Genesis Evangelion (1) 9/14/2002
Princess Mononoke (1) 6/1/2011
Ranma 1/2 OAVs (20) 10/25/2014
Ranma 1/2 TV (24) 10/25/2014
Rurouni Kenshin (3) 1/26/2003
Street Fighter II (1) 1/29/2012
The Twelve Kingdoms (2) 8/5/2011

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Gallery Created: 9/13/2002
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